Cégünk, az Express-teher Kft. and the web page of the www.irodakoltoztetes.hu 1998. year established MOVING BUSINESS, the increased demands for serving. Moving company we first set the objective of the reliability, the accuracy and quality of European transport. Kiemelt figyelmet fordítunk munkatársaink képzésére, a jó megjelenésre és a pontos munkavégzésre.


Office Removals – fast, points, damage-free shipping!
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Why choose us, if office removals looking for?

  • Young car park: the most stringent european standards, 3,5-7,5 t, lifting hátfalas, zárt dobozos, lined with trucks working.
  • Recovery permissions: 3,5 tonnes gross vehicle weight over drive thanks to all of Budapest's exactly where we can set to, where necessary.
  • 3 million árubiztosítás: any, the cargo hold took, 3 million forints value of insured Allianz Insurance by. If a greater total value of the transported goods, you have the opportunity to simply and quickly a single insurance policy to.
  • Full warranty: all, we packaged and delivered value object, furniture, equipment full integrity to guarantee that we.
  • Normal operation: every mandate contract between frames is performed, with receipt.
  • Professional team: the worth of the vehicle fleet and the recovery permit is an excellent haulage specialist without? As a priority we, to our clients only good-looking, professional, and especially exact, disciplined munkavégzésű colleagues meet, if the Express Freight ltd. services.


Professional packaging – quickly restore to the normal office removals after

The office move of that delicate operation, since the daily work of all accessories of box, to transport and then unpack it, the work in the shortest possible time undisturbed to proceed. Box, packing material rent, we, that's always the easiest to transport back into fighting shape and no damage. If professional pack, greater mennyiégnél up to a car turning save be you!

With this in mind we aim you, to the market the most reliable and accurate carrier service possible to a standard, to the from Lisbon to helsinki is wherever you could!

Search, give us a call, the get out and work assessment, free of charge.

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How should you order from us?

We would like to ask, before anyone starts, walk through the office and all the locations, where the materials are located! Exactly what and how much to delivery oztasson? At first it seems simple – “everything, what we have here” – but along the way, who do you find to, in the basement or in the archives more all there, as far as the first place would it have mattered.

Look carefully around in his hands a notepad, and write down the larger furniture, tools pieces number of, type (pl. cabinet, table), approximate size, and that the account in, boxes, archives, basement, dining room, yard, etc. located , the company is owned and költöztetendő tools approximately how many boxes fit on!

Where special caution is warranted (pl. antique, vulnerable) equipment or device is located, indicate!

When you're done with the preparations in my mind, search for us in the following widely available.! Our colleague out to you, and see, exactly what kind of packaging and how many rounds will be needed, the building talents (elevator, door, corridor size), the parking opportunities and other circumstances, I'll then give you a quote.







“I packed, to kb. the same boxes I got. that, what permanently stores the IKEA boxes proved to be the best. I had plenty of time, so methodically I went. Qualifier I, and I just did in the box, what's left. I bought a small notebook, and that I wrote, I packed. Every box numbered I, and the notebook I wrote, what is included. (...)Important, to the box on all sides and the top to be the number, because if you have several boxes stacked on each other, and the wall is placed on the candidate page, yeah it's hard to find. The clothes big size black kukazsákba I did. It's strong and isn't see-through. Self-adhesive label paper taped to it, that's how they got the number. Now this method I use the not used stuff store. P. I“



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