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Office moving 2015. year bigger references:

  • Ab Inbev Prague (furniture assembly)
  • Unilever (irodaköltöztetés, new furniture assembly, furniture assembly, packaging, IT removals-house)
  • Walmark (irodaköltöztetés, packaging, IT removals)
  • Netrisk (irodaköltöztetés, packaging, box rental)
  • Lechner Ben Knowledge centre (new furniture assembly, furniture assembly)
  • Phonak Hungary Kft. (moving, packaging, new furniture assembly, furniture assembly, box rental)



Larger references:

  • Magyar Takarékbank Rt.(full building removals, safe delivery, archive removals, IT removals, furniture assembly).
  • Pest County Job Center (budapest and the country office moving)
  • Waters Ltd. (laborgép removals)
  • COMPLEXLAB Ltd. (furniture assembly, office furniture moving)
  • vwr International Ltd. (laborgép removals)
  • 'S’ Model Kereskedelmi Rt
  • László Lajtha Music and Art School (piano transport, moving, packaging)
  • Laszlo Passuth High School (piano transport)
  • Bermann Rt. (moving, packaging, box rental)
  • Nexon Rt. (removals in Budapest)
  • Fait Hungary Ltd.. (moving, packaging in Budapest)
  • XXII. District Municipality
  • Szerb Országos Önkormányzat
  • Budapest Sewage Works
  • Central Mosodák Rt. (house removals, iratárköltöztetés)
  • Nemzeti Filmszínház Kht. (heavy objects moving to the country)
  • Vb Pénzügyi Lízing Rt. (house removals, packing material, insurance)
  • MM Furniture Store (furniture delivery to the country, furniture transport in Budapest.)
  • Energiabázis Kft. (machinery transport in Hungary)
  • BUDERUS Fűtéstechnikai Kft. (full removals)
  • Many individuals – moving, shipping, packaging, packaging insurance, furniture assembly, garbage

Won more tender:

  • Ice Stars Ltd. (machinery moving)
  • PPI Budapest Kft.
  • Tokaj and Rural cooperative banks (archive removals)
  • University Of Miskolc German Literature Department (removals to the country)
  • Mona Foundation's Women's House
  • Whole Senior Research Ltd.
  • Brókernet Rt. (house removals)
  • MM Tacking Hungária Kft.
  • IDG Hungary Kft.
  • DUNASTYR Rt. (irodaköltöztetés, packaging)
  • Meteorological NATIONAL SERVICE (house removals)
  • BÓLYAI COLLEGE (moving)
  • OLYMPUS HUNGARY Kft. (irodaköltöztetés, packaging, box rental in Budapest)
  • Industria Magyarország Kft KIADÓ. (moving, packaging, IT devices moving, box rental.)


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