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The cookies rules concerning the use of the 2002/58/EC eu directive pursuant to the provisions of the Hungarian legislation on electronic communications on 2003. year C. the law transposed, which said:

“155. § (4) A subscriber or user of electronic communications terminal equipment of the concerned user or subscriber in a clear and complete data management purposes, including notification to contribution can be based on data stored in a, or is that stored data to access. “

It is worth mentioning, to the quoted law, the electronic communications activities, as well as all activities related to apply, which exercise radio frequency signal is generated, also apply to the search- and accelerator storage-service intermediary service providers in the case of (refer to the legislation in force). It follows from the above, to the 155.§ (4) paragraph, in a specified provision the average website, or webshop is operated not to apply.

However, there is an eu recommendation, which is not a mandatory law in Hungary, but guidelines you may want to consider us. The European Union's data protection working group in 2011 and 2013 working document recommendations, that cookie is used if you need to request consent for, and if yes, the how legally. On this basis,:

No contribution required, the following cookies to use:

  • The password protected session use cookies (this is the cookie of the user is used to identify the information society service entry; the user identification is necessary, you don't break the communications network to the server communication).
  • The shopping basket used for cookies (online stores typically, such type of cookies are stored by the user (for example, the "add to cart" button) selected articles references. This is the cookie that is strictly necessary for the user explicitly requested by, the information society service to provide).
  • Security cookies (the security cookies are essential to the directive 95/46/EC or any other legislation required by security requirements explicitly requested by the user, the information society service in the context. Such a cookie, for example, a unique identifier can be created, which allows, that the information society service provider is more effective to recognize the recurring users. Without this, so, if the entry request before-seen device to arrive, the system has additional safety questions you should ask).

Contribution on this basis the behavior-based cookies (pl. adwords, gemius) recommended (but Hungarian legislation does not require mandatory). And, these cookies manage how to become legally, the data protection working group, 2013 recommendations resulting from the can read, here are the relevant specifications:

  • Appropriate information: About cookies on information accurate, clear it should be (specific and based on appropriate information).
  • Előzetesség: Before to provide information for those concerned, that a cookie placed on user's device (timing).
  • Clarity: The contribution unmistakable be (consent must be unambiguous) and the relevant active decision ( an active indication of the user's wishes) should be based on: concerned click, pipálj on!
  • Volunteering: The user's voluntary decision should be based on the acceptance, a real choiceneed $ for (freely given).

And by the way, the cookies we use the electronic commerce services, and information society services, certain aspects of the 2001. year CVIII. law 13/The. § (9) paragraph, also the Infotv. 20. pursuant, of course inform the stakeholders.



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