The nature of technology, like the cookies, the pixel codes (pixels), the device- or other identifiers and local storage, the services protection and analysis of the serve the site and elsewhere.

More services and features we offer, which kind of technology we use to reach you. These technologies are more other ways to use, like for example, the security goals, for the provision of services and support and the services to measure. Those third parties, with the services using contact you, also, several purposes for the use of these technologies. (video playback, image gallery, Google “News” alert service, weather widget)

Browser or device may offer settings with these technologies regarding. The browser or device's help for more information about, whether there are such settings, and how those work. The browser or the device offered by settings it's mostly just the specific browser or device shall be valid for.

What are these technologies?

Cookies are small text files, which are the currently viewed web page in the browser or the device you install. The pixel codes (otherwise known as transparent GIFS, data collection signals or pixels) website or applications placed small kódtömbök, allow the cookies to read and placement, as well as data transfers to us or our partners. The resulting connection can include information such, as the machine's IP address, the time, when the person viewed the pixel, the currently used browser or device associated with the identifier and the used browser type. The local storage industry standard reporting technology, with the help of which the website or application to store data and you can search back a person's computer, mobile phone, or other device. Some example of this device's local storage or the HTML5 standard, local storage, as well as the caching.

Why do we use cookies?

For several purposes, we also use these technologies, for example, the content to display, our services continue to develop and the security of retention.

Web site the registration and the user account to log in to identify yourself. Web site registration is not available, alone and exclusively, third-party services the use of to identify you (for example, the FaceBook, Google services, Windows Live, Blogger).


These tools can help you to preserve the services security. Analysis and exclusion of the erroneous IP address and browser identifier devices, the forbidden region (country code according to) visitors, priority by the enemy and is currently war activities countries visitors for. Multiple violent password hack attempts to exclude and disable.These services we provide locally in the web page, the service provider side and by a third party.


We use the Google Analytics web analytics service. Google Analytics will help you in analysing, how to use our site visitors. The site use created information in the system is sent to the Google server where it is stored and analysed.

Google the information analysis report for the website traffic the website operators and the use of the internet, linked to other services.

Google the data to third parties may also transfer, if this law is mandatory, or if they are on Google's behalf third parties process. Google uses the visitor's IP-address with any other, data held by not associate.

You may disable browser cookies in, but in this case it can happen, you don't know the website, all the functions take. By using this website You consent to, to data the Google the above-described manner and purposes of processing.

These devices, with the help of the best experience we provide. Cookies or other similar technologies using control for example the traffic between servers, and you can see, how fast you load the services of the various persons. In some cases, information may be stored böngésződön or device in order, to be faster, using functions to load, and that lerövidüljön the response time. (CloudFlare)

Cookies to manage mobile device use during!

Many modern mobile device works exactly, as the computer. Such a device is in the cookies and similar technologies for the coastal vessels with together with your web computer reached also to employees in a manner similar to use.

Not registered or logged out users visit in case of we use cookies!

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