Mr Jozsef Dobos!


I want to thank the excellent work carried out during yesterday's moving. Their accounts are welcome, To pay by bank transfer. I want to highlight special, We are getting much more, as a simple service, which was a pleasant surprise. The high professionalism and his colleagues carried out their work with due diligence. In addition, very carefully systematized boxes, my request was held in storage order. This makes it easier for me to retrieve the archived material at a later stage.

Thank you very much for your help, and I hope, I can count on you when painting the office is in connection with the January renewal.


Thanks and regards:

Anna Lugosi

Office Manager




  • Office Removals
  • Archives removals
  • Damage-free delivery
  • Full guarantee
  • Total, or partial- and packing
  • Archival sorrendtartásos packaging
  • Furniture apart- and assembly

    • Express-teher Kft.


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