Erika contacted me via e-mail, live asked tips. Work addition to moving a household, little boys and the cat together. In this post, the general advice I've gathered, what with the moving smooth can. Erika a couple weeks to have an open to-do list, please, this in the next post you can read it.

  1. Write list of what to do. The list writing all the more transparent things.
  2. Get into the packaging, tools. (box, garbage bag, label, thick-tipped sharpie, cord the közözéshez, glue)
  3. Before you pack up the whole apartment lomtalaníts, only take with you what you really need. If you have enough time before you move, then the house clearances in particular, it can be done. I am thinking about, to start your clear-out when announced the apartment, or if you 6-8 weeks out, then 2-4 weeks rászánhatsz the junkyard for, and 4 weeks for packing. If only 3-4 week to pack up the apartment, in addition to work with you should one be involved in the process and while you pack will get rid of the extra.
  4. The garbage while you find broken things to throw out. The still usable stuff, decide what will happen to them. Even the move before you sell and you give away, or is this just the move after going to be the opportunity?
  5. Packaging: Move per room, the tray with. First, those things put away each room, the things that I just don't use that here. For example: seasonal clothing, sports equipment, older documents that are to be stored, photo album, the garbage at found for sale/gift wait for things. Then, those things put away that are more densely you use, but in the next few weeks you can spare them, again, proceed per room. For example, books, dvd-r cd-k, magazines. The last time those things put away, that's the most you guys use.

A method of boxes to use…

All rooms have a colour code: the box to glue it to the signal color paper, colorful post-it from, self-adhesive coloured film. The color-coding by numbering in the boxes while you pack: 1 box in every room in those things, that's the most you guys use (pl: off-season clothes), the highest number of box in the be the most you guys use (pl micro). Your moving day before you select a box, into which the essentials and the last pack active things are. Be it the need box, or survival box. Here to get a change of clothes each family member, the personal papers of, clean agents, pyjamas, towels, diapers for the baby, alarm clock, cutlery, plates.

What, how to pack?

Move time doesn't matter, what will be in a box or a bag. If you're packing that makes it easier on the movers and your things.

Just box can be shipped:

  • books
  • chemicals (so the cleaners) – the box should be written on it, chemicals
  • fragile items in the box be written on it, that fragile
  • dry food products – on the box mark, that food in there

Boxes you can ask your neighborhood stores, at this time, to listen, that flawless boxes bring just. This is a cost-effective way for the boxes to obtain. The boxes don't get too big, because that's what the movers are difficult to carry. Moved to sized strong boxes you can purchase up to the moving company, or IKEA, or you can order online. You need to decide, the box váráslás fit the move intended for the financial framework.

The boxes prices 240 and 900 huf moves between depending on the size of. A bigger box load 30 kg. Help sizes and prices the following 2 link you find:

  • Moving boxes
  • IKEA moving box
  • of course, google is rife with possibilities, I indicative I chose this 2 page

Dress, home textiles, pillows use to transport. Strong bags can be purchased, the garbage bags easily tear. Practical solution to the vacuum bag I use. More sizes, after you get you vacuum cleaner just to suck out the air. Thus, the dresses, bed linen and pillows a third of the space. If you enjoy shopping online then, for example, the e-bay-about a good price may be obtained in different sizes.


  • Perishable food: If there's still perishable food in the fridge, then I freezer bag, or bag (Tesco in auchanba on the frozen goods can be found bag, something to keep the cold) take the new apartment.
  • Furniture: The card mounted state, taken furniture apart is recommended to transport, because it's not designed, that staircase in carrying them, and truck know from.
  • Moving after: Check, every box arrived, and all the furniture is intact. The required box after the highest number of boxes to start unpacking, because these are the frequently used things.

Readers advice

“I packed, to kb. the same boxes I got. that, what permanently stores the IKEA boxes proved to be the best. I had plenty of time, so methodically I went. Qualifier I, and I just did in the box, what's left. I bought a small notebook, and that I wrote, I packed. Every box numbered I, and the notebook I wrote, what is included. (...)Important, to the box on all sides and the top to be the number, because if you have several boxes stacked on each other, and the wall is placed on the candidate page, yeah it's hard to find. The clothes big size black kukazsákba I did. It's strong and isn't see-through. Self-adhesive label paper taped to it, that's how they got the number. Now this method I use the not used stuff store. P. I“


“He had a notebook, in every box I make a note of. The different rooms have different color post-it tabs were, the box I put, and when I closed, then the post-it, too, I slipped my celluxal. (...) The post over at just a number were, and the notebook I wrote the numbered boxes content. All rooms-room box of records, a separate sheet was (of course, this can be complicated prefabricated obviously tartólap with, I think it's a little redundant I) The notebook the number beside wrote, to say (sink cabinet bottom), or (corner cabinet), accordingly, I could, in the box what's. The boxes and the page I wrote it all up, because if each other are placed in the boxes, it looked like the numbered post-itlap, that's the main point of reference.(..) I had already packed when I put it on the appropriate color post-it tabs on the doors too, so the boxes aren't in a pile, but the correct premises were, because the pink pos-ites door of the room they took everything, that pink post-it ites boxes. A. I”


“I list and excel addict, the own we moved out I tried on a professional level to perform, you don't have to look all to look for, and don't go to it, as annapeti gergőék, when the alarm clock rings in the who has not yet packed a box deep in, and when you rip mad in the box, then find the last looking for plates. (...)I printed 2 db. A4 paper, that said: KITCHEN 1 , this was the first kitchen box. This I slipped the box side and the top.. If it was fragile, it also charted on. So if the new place carry the box, now we know, this is the kitchen you can go straight to. I bought the excel under, and I wrote it down, what do I put KITCHEN 1 box, fellistáztam everything, goose buster, egg slicer, plate, glass, etc. Such a list I printed out and I threw it in the box to the top of the inside, if I open, and I'm not near a computer, I look at her and say I, what's in the box. Mutatis mutandis, the less frequently used things started, since the household while he was running. (...)We bought and then roll bubble film, adhesive tape, and with this we wrap the furniture. K.”


Csányi Andi



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